Terra Incognita:

A Journal of the Fraternity of Exploratory Organizations

Since 1916, members of the Fraternity of Exploratory Organizations (FEO) have been uncovering the secrets of our endlessly fascinating world, and Terra Incognita has heralded their discoveries to astonished audiences. Whether your interest is amateur or professional, the travelogues, maps, debate, photographs, and research results that fill every edition of Terra Incognita will captivate and inspire you. Subscribers to our online edition also receive access to our huge library of audio and video recordings, our full catalog of past volumes with submissions from giants like Professor George Edward Challenger and David Innes, as the chance to participate in symposia with renowned contemporary fraternity scholars like George “Geo” Templeton and Dr. Matt Mancini.

The FEO’s membership roster includes:
The Compass Foundation * Institute for Submarine Exploration and Settlement (ISES) * North American Cryptozoologic Society * Maritime Incident Response and Reporting Organization (MIRROR) * Royal Archaeological and Submarine Society * The Challenger Organization * Subterranean Research Center * Institute for Metaphysical and Phenomenological Studies (IMPS) * The Imperial Society for Geologic and Hydrologic Study * High Frontier * The Asclepian Society * GeoReconaissance * The Charles Fort Anomalous Studies Group * And more…

These are the stories of the men, women, and, um, “others” who risk life, limb, and reputation in an effort to make life a little less boring and the world a little more complicated than it already is.

Inspired by the great adventure fiction of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (and featuring not a few of those settings and characters!) as well as more modern treatments Warren Ellis’s Planetary comic, Terra Incognita takes place in the world of EPOCH. EPOCH is a setting for super heroic adventure in a quasi-realistic setting. In other words, a world like our own, if only the gods of mythology, ancient astronauts, giant monsters, and sorcery were real, and if only the emergence of metahumans (“superheroes”) and a Martian invasion had derailed human history by the mid-1800s. Characters in EPOCH can have paranormal abilities or not, but they must be either originals or characters from the Public Domain, which includes some golden and silver age comic books as well as classic literature. (Particularly important to the in-game history of EPOCH are H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds and the Barsoom and Pellucidar stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs.) Pastiches are also welcome, but should be different enough to avoid litigation.

Epoch: Terra Incognita

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