"You can't KILL what can't DIE!"


Real name: Robert Walker
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unemployed / Vigilante
Relatives: Hannah Walker (Sister)
Area of operation: Mobile

Appearance: Robert is 6’1" in height and well above average fitness due to his time as a Commando in the military. He had brown/blond hair and blue eyes.

Powers/Talents: During his time in a war zone he discovered his ‘Talent’ for healing, he can suffer incredible amounts of physical damage and simply heal from it without a scar, even from the point of death.
He is trained in many forms of unarmed combat and is an expert with throwing weapons.

Equipment: Gauntlets have sharp claw like fingers to aid in climbing and to deal extra damage to his foes. Multiple bladed throwing weapons (Stars, knives, spikes and such), array of smoke and flash-bang bombs. Night vision lenses in the cowl. Grapnel gun.


Robert Walker joined the military straight from school, and served for many years earning him the rank of Captain.
During his last mission his team was ambushed by a heavily equipped band of terrorists and held hostage for six weeks.
Neither his men nor Walker gave up any information and for this Walker was forced to watch as his team were executed one by one.
Finally it was his turn and he faced the firing squad with cold eyes that brought a shiver to the spines of those about to shot him, but shot him they did, and he died.

Or so it seemed.
He awoke minutes later fully healed and without a single scar to prove he had been shot at all.
Again and again they killed him, only for him to return to life.
When a Commando Unit arrived and stormed the terrorist camp the terrorists were more afraid of Walker than of the armed soldiers, believing him to be some kind of demon or devil.

Walker was given an honorable discharge as it was thought he had post traumatic stress of some kind.
He returned home to find his only living relative, his Sister Hannah, was suffering at the hands of a street gang.
The whole community was scared of this gang of street kids who were fire bombing the homes and trashing peoples cars.
Due to the age of the gang members the law was unable to do much to them, childrens rights preventing them from bringing the full hammer of punishment down on them.
Walker refused to accept this and sought the gang out.
He disguised himself in a hood and face mask that made him look almost specter like, and beat each gang member to a pulp, some were no more than ten years old, but he didn’t care.
Their age shouldn’t be a factor in the face of their crimes, they were guilty who cared what age they were.

He left them all in hospital and all to scared to leave their homes at night, terrified of the Wraith like man who had beaten them bloody.

As the area recovered from the ordeal of the gang violence, and the even more brutal attack that had finally stopped them, Walker’s Sister moved to a quiet safe town and took a job at the local school.
Walker had a win on the lottery, a couple of million, and set himself to work cleaning up the criminal element of the world he was in.
He used a few contacts from his military days and gained a few items he couldn’t build himself or buy.

He didn’t need any form of body armor as he could heal any wound, so he didn’t attract any attention from those who might deduce his identity.

The money he put in a special account, which gave him an allowance each month to live on, the allowance being less than the interest from each month on the money in the account so he never runs out of cash.

This left him able to spend his time as he pleased and not have to worry about work.
So he dropped off the radar and simply faded out of the lives of those who knew him, now he is just one of the faceless masses of the world, unnoticed and easily forgotten.
This means he can investigate all he wants, and deal out his own brand of justice as he sees fit.

Age, gender, political standing, money, power and fame mean nothing to him, anyone and everyone that corrupts and perverts justice will suffer at his hands.

For he can’t be bought or corrupted and he can’t be killed.
He doesn’t aim to be a symbol or an inspiration to anyone.
He knows the law will call him a criminal and will seek to stop him.

He knows he is a criminal, he has to be, its the only way to make sure real justice is done.

He is the Wraith.


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