Real Name: Tituztmali
Class: Mythic (Gargoyle)
Age: 2500
Occupation: Protector, Defender
Known Relatives: Camaxtli, Papantzin, Metztli, Itzcoatl (Clan members)
Legal Status: Existence unknown
Affiliations: Timothy Hawthorne, Juliet Hawthorne, Compass Foundation
Scale of Operations: Titus will seek to defend Juliet, wherever she goes
First Appearance:

Appearance: Titus is large, reaching 6’6” tall and built very broadly with a heavy musculature. He appears to be made of a blue/grey stone-like material, and has long black hair. Short horns protrude from his forehead. He has wings that open to a span of sixteen feet and a long prehensile tail that ends in a barbed spike. He has three digits on each hand and foot, each ending in a talon. He has cat-like fangs, and his eyes glow a baleful yellow when he feels anger or rage.

Fitness Level: Titus in the only known member of his race alive; it is impossible to judge his fitness level on the basis of his own kind. His strength, endurance, and durability far outstrip that of a human. His speed and agility, despite his great size, are on par with a professional athlete, although below the peak of human capability.

Known Superhuman Powers: Titus possesses great strength; he is able to lift up to five thousand pounds and, in times of distress, more. Although he is only able to fly for short distances, he can glide for as long as there are winds to keep him aloft. He is extremely resistant to blunt trauma and can survive being struck by large vehicles or great falls without sustaining much damage. He is resistant to small arms fire, but larger caliber weapons can injure him. He is virtually immune to bladed weapons.

Weakness: Titus can only function at nighttime or during an eclipse. He turns to stone at the first sign on daybreak, and is unaware of his surroundings while he is stone.


Titus was the member of a clan of gargoyles that lived in and protected El Mirador over two thousand years ago. Around 100 A.D., a sorceress named Malinalxochi came to prominence and found a way to destroy them using their strong life force to empower objects of great power. Titus, who was originally named Tituztmali, was the last of his clan. Instead of destroying Titus, she managed to force him into a torpor. She hid his stone form in the El Dante pyramid where she tapped into his life-force in order to grant her a greatly extended lifespan.

Eventually, the Mayan Priests rebelled against Malinalxochi and found a way to fight her. Driven back into the pyramid, she used a last-ditch defense prepared for the eventuality of her defeat. Grasping a large ruby amulet, she channeled her life-force into it while letting her power consume her physical body and transform it into a mystical force, destroying the forces arrayed against her and many of the people around her. The energies unleashed continued to flow through El Mirador for several weeks, killing randomly until the Mayans abandoned the site as cursed and forsaken by their gods.

El Mirador remained hidden and forgotten until 1926. Buried deep in the jungles of Guatemala, it remained a mystery until 1962, when archaeologist Ian Graham returned to excavate the site. More recently, Dr. Timothy Hawthorne, an archaeologist and a student of Mayan culture, returned to El Mirador and found a passageway into the pyramid hidden by the jungle growth. Inside, he found what appeared to be the ritual slaughter of a dozen or more Mayan Priests and, on the floor between their decayed bodies, a fabulous amulet. The amulet was superbly crafted of gold and inset with a large ruby.

When Hawthorne touched the ruby, his body exploded in pain. He woke some time later and believed he had died. While he could see shadows of the world around him, he could make anything out in detail, except a large, winged, humanoid statue. Hawthorne would have jumped out of his skin, if he had any, when the statue moved.

Over time, Hawthorne learned to communicate with the living statue and taught it to speak English. He learned the statue was actually a gargoyle named Tituztmali and renamed him Titus. Trapped together and alone, the two became friends, sharing their histories with one another. Hawthorne was amazed to learn the true history of Malinalxochi, who had reached the status of a vengeful goddess in Mayan folklore.

Titus was unsure what to make of Hawthorne and his stories. He didn’t believe all the stories the human told him, but it seemed obvious that humans of Hawthorne’s world were much like those of his own, if dressed in a different setting. He learned much of Hawthorne’s daughter, Juliet, and became intrigued with her.

Time was impossible to judge, given the timeless nature of wherever they were. Sometime later, their resting place was discovered. To Titus’ surprise, it was Hawthorne’s daughter Juliet who had found them. When Juliet picked up the amulet, Dr. Hawthorne was very surprised to discover he could communicate with her. After some discussion, he learned that she had followed the notes left behind by him and his crew to discover his “resting place.”

Dr. Hawthorne was unable to ease Juliet’s distress over him apparently haunting a gem. Not expecting anyone to believe that her father was inhabiting the amulet, she took it and told her guides that she’d found what she had been looking for. They traveled back to Belize City via helicopter, and en route, her father related to her all he had learned from the area, and told her about his “friend,” Titus.

That evening, in her suite in the Black Orchid Resort, Juliet got the idea that maybe she could bring her father back out of the gem. After several attempts, she managed to make the gem activate. Light radiated from the ruby, casting a light on the wall in the shape of a crude doorway. Instead of her father immerging from the portal, however, a monster came through!

  • * * * * * * * *

In the following months, Titus appointed himself as Juliet’s protector. With knowledge gained from Dr. Hawthorne’s voyages through the umbra, they learned of the sorceress Malinalxochi. With Juliet, Titus has dedicated himself to searching out the sorceress to gain vengeance for his fallen clan, and to help her try to recover her father in the flesh.



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