"Everyone I know is either crazy or evil. Why is that?"


Real Name: Evangeline Garver
Class: Hereditary Talent (Thermokinesis)
Age: 18
Occupation: Student, Professional Investigator
Known Relatives: Christine Garver (mother, deceased); Gary Preston (biological father, deceased); Matthew Garver (adoptive father); Kirk Preston (half-brother)
Legal Status: Citizen of the United Commonwealths with no criminal record
Affiliations: Compass Foundation, formerly the East End Irregulars
Scale of Operations: Formerly Pittsburgh, now worldwide
First Appearance:

Appearance: Evangeline is 5’3” tall and weighs 115 pounds, with a slender but curvy figure. Her eyes are green and her hair is naturally dark red, wavy, and worn long to the mid-back. She is naturally fair complected with a dappling of freckles on her cheeks and arms. She often wears wrap-around polarized sunglasses to shield her eyes from the intense incandescence often caused by the use of her powers.

Fitness Level: Evangeline possesses the average strength and endurance of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in a light conditioning program and the stresses of her vigilante activities.

Known Superhuman Powers: Evangeline is a psychic thermokinetic, rated at Talent Level 7, giving her the ability to increase the temperature of a target at a distance without the use of any external heating source. With intense concentration, the increase in heat can be rapid and explosive and has proved sufficient to deform steel. Strength of this ability attenuates with range and is limited to a visual radius of approximately 180 feet. She does not seem to possess any capacity to lower temperature.

Weakness: Evangeline is as vulnerable to physical damage as any normal human, but her thermokinetic abilities are almost always radiating residual heat, so her core body temperature is slightly higher than normal. This exposes her to increased risk from heat exhaustion in high temperatures.


Evangeline was raised to despise anyone called a “super hero”, this despite being the illegitimate daughter of one of the most prominent Talents of the past thirty years, the costumed crime fighter known as The Flame. This fact would remain hidden from her for 17 years, discovered after the disorienting revelation of her own metahuman ability and a stint as an amateur vigilante in Pittsburgh.

Matthew Garver and his wife Christine worked at the Compass Foundation in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, the former as a mining technician and the latter as a field liaison. Matt was thrilled when his wife told him that she was pregnant, but it was only a matter of time before he discovered the child was not his, but rather conceived in an affair with Gary Preston during an ill-fortuned Compass expedition in Latin America. Their five-year marriage couldn’t survive, and neither ultimately did Christine, and she abandoned her newborn and moved to Cascadia, where she would commit suicide less than a year later. Ashamed and heart broken, Matt quit the Compass Foundation and decided to raise Evangeline as his own. Father and daughter moved from job to job across North America, never staying in any one place longer than four years.

Matthew was always paid well and the pair never wanted for money, but their frequent travel prevented any sense of stability in their home life and as Evangeline grew up, looking more and more obviously like her mother and Gary Preston, their relationship soured to Eva’s bafflement and misery. Matthew was very hard on her, rarely uttering an approving word, his manner vacillating between tyrannically overbearing and coldly distant. Barely past puberty, the innocent girl had already faced indictment for all of her mother’s lechery and irresponsibility. When she started to manifest her thermokinetic talent, the shamed and terrified girl had no one to turn to. It proved an impossible secret to keep; it was the final insult to Matthew, and his resentment of his daughter reached its apex.

And then a representative from the Compass Foundation had tracked down Evangeline and her father. He made offers of money, scholarships, a new home anywhere in North America, so long as Matthew promised to stay put. To her father, it was the closest he’d ever gotten to an apology from the organization that he blamed for ruining his life, and it wasn’t enough. They left the next morning, eventually turning up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where, as if dragged by fate, Evangeline would herself become a “super hero.”

On her first day at her new school, the reticent 15 year old found herself the target of a clique of mean girls. A boy named Sebastian Pereira, almost two years her senior, came to her rescue and the two developed a fast friendship that blossomed into romance. Sebastian was a Talent himself, possessing psychometry and a newly emerging ability to control liquids. Unlike Evangeline, however, Sebastian relished his superhuman endowments and decided to embark on his own clumsy campaign as a costumed vigilante. Against her better judgment, she joined him on his patrols and soon found herself deep in the young metahuman social scene. The pair eventually formed a team along with Sebastian’s friend Alex Shepherd and their empowered classmates Meryl and Andy Deibert. The East End Irregulars crossedpaths with other low-profile amateurs like themselves as well as with icons like the Sentinel, the Webbed Wonder, and The Target. Their vigilante career was varied, with triumphant peaks to the almost comically absurd mishaps, and dozens of occasions that nearly cost them their lives, but it was their very first operations as a group that would prove the most pivotal: the team had exposed an insurance claims investigator who was burning down vacant buildings in an insurance fraud scheme. Unbeknownst to her, this young pyrokinetic was her half-brother Kirk, the legitimate son of the late Gary Preston, the Flame.

Although she acquitted herself well against an array of deadly threats from organized crime to the insane Mandelbot, Evangeline was more concerned with loyalty to her friends than the excitement of super-heroing. Needing a break both from the constant peril and deteriorating family life, she agreed to her father’s idea to attend an out of state prep school, the Mattheson Academy. It was a decision that ultimately led to the disintegration of their group. Sebastian, who had expected Evangeline to stay in Pittsburgh while he went to university, was furious, and their tempers provoked a break-up that neither one wanted. On her own again, Evangeline fell in with a group of activist student Talents at her new school. Unfortunately, their demonstrations quickly escalated into vandalism and sabotage. Unable to convince them to stop and facing a mysterious resistance to her complaints amongst the school administration, she returned to Pittsburgh.

Soon after returning home, she was confronted by her half-brother Kirk, recently released from prison and now calling himself Sunburn, and his mother, Linda Dale Preston, the former Flame Girl, now calling herself Fire Woman. Again, as if decreed by destiny, her friends returned after their own periods of personal trials and banded together to defeat Sunburn and Fire Woman (with a little help from the intrigued Compass Foundation). They helped Evangeline immeasurably as she came to terms with the truth of her parentage and she and her father were finally able to begin a rapprochement. Soon after the encounter with her half-brother, she accepted Rex Hazzard’s offer of a paid internship with Compass, along with Sebastian, Alex, and Meryl.


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